Armchair Activism
Updated 10/8/01
You can make a big difference in the world without investing a penny of your own money, or even leaving your house: Just click the links below to open new windows to sites where you can donate corporate sponsors' money to worthy causes.  For only a few minutes of your time each day, you can feed the hungry, aid in the search for a cure for cancer or help schools buy textbooks and other supplies.

Some sites only allow one donation per address per day, while others may allow multiple click-throughs.  Follow the directions on each page, then just close the window to return here.

Click to donate

The Hunger Site - In January 2000 alone, over 2.8 million pounds of food was donated to the world's hungry through this site to the United Nations World Food Program.

Race for the Rain Forest- Helps protect endangered rain forest land through the Nature Conservancy's Adopt an Acre Program. - Click on the button to make a free donation of food and medicine to children dying from hunger and disease (Distributed through the World Health Organization). Each sponsor pays for 2.5 square feet of valuable rain forest land per click.

The Humanitarian Site- donations go to Cross-Cultural Solutions  to send volunteers to support the initiatives of grassroots organizations that work in the areas of health care, education and community development. In the area of health care volunteers have worked doing HIV / AIDS awareness, physical therapy, health education and immunizations. In the area of education, volunteers have taught English, environmental education, computer training, arts education, special education, and literacy skills. In the area of community development, volunteers have served in income generation programs, women's empowerment groups and vocational training. - Create a Patagonian coastal reserve, preserve American wilderness and save Amazon rain forest. (You donate 500 square feet of land just for signing up!) -  The purpose of this site is to help you make free donations as quickly as possible. [This is pretty cool.. Somebody made a page sort of like mine! - Oak]

Race for the Big Cats - Click on one of the endangered Big Cats - Tiger, Jaguar, or Snow Leopard -- to make a donation to support Wildlife Conservation Society's Big Cat habitat protection programs.

Donations from the Heart - Another whole slew of donation sites collected on one page! - Every 20 clicks plants a tree to restore forest ecosystems that provide clean air and water for everyone as well as habitats for endangered species and wildlife.

End Homelessness Now - Click on the button to make your donation to a homeless shelter.  Sponsors pay for the donation, which you can make once a day. - Click to save a life through free food donations.

Click Fome - Another site where you can donate food with just a click of your mouse. - Sign up with sponsors to receive offers and donate up to $30 to the charity category of your choice!

Save Our Environment Action Center - Make your voice heard! No free donations here, but you can pick a cause and send a free FAX to your Congressman expressing your concern for environmental issues. - Click to: Fund Cancer Research, Feed The Hungry, Help Disaster Victims, Shelter The Homeless, Fight Breast Cancer, Fight Leukemia, End Multiple Sclerosis, Prevent & Cure Diabetes,  Save Babies Lives, Cure Parkinson's Disease, Fight Heart Disease, Stop Kidney Disease, Help Children In Need, Fight Alzheimer's Disease, Fight Muscular Dystrophy, Preserve The Environment, Protect Our Wildlife and Fight Lung Disease.

Give Water - Your click provides funds for safe drinking water wells in Africa and Asia

Give a Minute - Click the banner to donate a minute of free medical care through the Tarahumara Children's Hospital Fund.

The Breast Cancer Site - Provide free mamograms to save lives

Red - Save rainforest lands and help orphaned chimps.

Donate Goods

Donate a Phone - Not a click-through program, but very worthwhile: You can donate your used wireless phone to support Donate a Phone CALL to PROTECT, which aids in the fight against domestic violence. Wireless phones are reprogrammed with emergency phone numbers and redistributed free of charge to victims in need.

Warming Families Project - Thousands of New Yorkers have been displaced for an undetermined amount of time because of the 9-11 tragedy. Please join the Warming Families Project in  donating NEW - homemade and store bought - WARM ITEMS to these families in need.

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