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By now you've had a chance to scan my main page and probably noticed I don't have a link to "my" (Scott Cunningham's, in most cases) Book of Shadows or a discussion of "What is Wicca" (Generally about 5 paragraphs stating what Wicca isn't), other than a link to another site.  You can find this and other "Wicca 101" information just about anywhere else.  That's not what this site's about.  My goal here is to make you think.  This corner of the grove is my chance to rant, rave and generally blow off steam in that pursuit.  The links below take you to my views on various issues that, while not always pertaining specifically to Pagans, at least give you some insight into what's going on under my bald spot!

6/14/02 - Manhood: A Boy Comes of Age

5/27/02 - May Moon Madness 2002

1/27/02 - The Theology of a Nut
[Special guest editorial by Fledgling Prophet]

11/3/01 - The Fine Art of Cat-Bathing
[Special guest article by our daughter, Silver Dragon, age 12]

9/17/01 - America's Newest Witch-Hunt

2/10/01 - Parenting 101: Make the punishment fit the grime

8/28/00 - My First Festival: MotherDrum '94

4/29/00 - Have Kids, Will Travel: A Festival Survival Guide for Pagan Parents

3/16/00: The Missionaries

3/4/00 - Another Reason to be Glad You Don't Live in Kentucky

2/29/00 - $1.32

10/26/99 - Notes from the Little Witches Coven and Marching Society: Little Witches - Samhain
Samhain Special courtesy of guest author Liath MacTire

10/2/99 - Maybon '99: The Cremation of Bob

7/21/99 - Bigots

5/22/99 - F.A.Q.'s (Frequently Answered Questions)

5/5/99 - Principles

4/23/99 - Caution:  Pagan at Work

4/10/99 - Stumbling Out of the Broom Closet

3/17/99 - On Modern Witchcraft

2/2/99 - Parents, lend me your ears...

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