The Theology of a Nut
By Fledgling Prophet

Letís say weíre all NUTS ...

Work with me on this ... Iím using me as an example.

Iím going to represent me as an Acorn, a nut... and as an acorn nut, I need to be planted ... obvious reason is ... SO I CAN GROW! Grow into what ... an Oak.

Not so difficult IF Iím within the company of other Oaks ... after all there is a reasonably good chance of
getting started if I am.

And should I get started Iíll soon recognize that Iím in a grove of other Oaks that look a lot like me ... I could feel right at home ... comfortable at being an Oak.

I encounter other Oaks that are bigger than me. Some that are absolutely majestic. ... and so, enlightenment happens one day and I say: "Hey Iím an Oak and I have within ME all that I need ... for what ... to be like that Oak standing over there ... proud ... truly mighty and majestic, and strongly rooted, making its contribution to the world as it's predestined to do as an Oak."

I look around further and notice that some that started before me arenít doing quite as well as I am ... so in questioning why, I see that Iím rooted on the shady side of a dell with a nurturing stream nearby that I can draw from, and they arenít.

That there are differences between us, although we all seem to be Oaks, all doing our best to grow and
develop. Perhaps Iíll could try to help ... now; should I get there attention, I could point toward the stream.

Could it simply be that the environment we are rooted in dictates how, and how much, we grow?
After all, do we not all have the same potential contained within to be what were intended to be, this
seed from which we started? I think we do, provided we are ALL acorns ... but!

Suppose, as circumstance would have it I discover that Iím not an acorn ... Iím not supposed to be an Oak ... I am a Coconut ... still a nut none the less, but a different kind.

I would not do very well planted by a bunch of Oaks. Why, because itís the wrong environment ... for me, but I could do well planted with other nuts who are just like me.

After all, the entire source for my nourishment is one and the same as for Oaks, but it comes from a
different place of origin.

So what can all this lead to ... it can lead to an understanding. We need to find out, who and what we
are, where we are to be planted, where we should be ... to develop into our full potential ... nurtured in our growing up and in maturing so as to bear fruit, and most importantly, realizing all the while we are drawing from the same source that gives us life, purpose and direction to do it.

Copyright © 2002 Fledgling Prophet - Posted with permission of the author

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