The Broom Closet

One thing about Pagans, we never seem to want to throw anything away!  I finally got tired of looking at the clutter on the main page and decided to shove some of someplace out of sight, but handy... just in case I ever need it!  I'll also be dumping some random files here once in a while just as a backup, so you never know what will be here!
If you want to sort through some of my old junk, this page is where it's stashed.  If you have better things to do with your time, then just go back to the grove.

Presenting, in no particular order:

The 1999 #OakGrove Pinup Calendar - I was in my chat channel one day when Broomi popped in and began ragging Wolfwind because he'd quit going to #wicca, another Pagan channel on DALnet.  She told him that "it doesn't look like you're going to make their 'pinup calendar' this year..." and a lightbulb went off over my head.  It turned out to be a lot of fun, but also a lot of work, and wasn't near as popular as I thought it would be.  The links below are the result:
Dec98 | Jan99 | Feb99 | Mar99 | Apr99 | May99 | Jun99 | Jul99 | Aug99 | Sep99 | Oct99 | Nov99 | Dec99

#OakGrove on DALnet* - This was my original grove: a chat channel on IRC.  It no longer exists, but it had it's own page here when I built this site in October '98.  You can also see pics of my friends from a link there.

Family Page* - This is a really slow-loading page due to all the jpegs, and is a shining example of how NOT to design a web site:  There's just WAY too many pictures on one page!  It's slated for replacement with a bio page if I ever get around to it, but I still think it's worth keeping here.

A Yule card I made up with a pic of me and the kids (Amber hadn't arrived yet!)

This one requires a little explanation: My boss has a farm complete with chickens, veggie garden, a few junked cars, a thriving grove of different varieties of Christmas trees, and plenty of wooded land from which his sons clear deadfall to sell as firewood. My house is completely heated by wood, and over the years I've bought 99% of it from his boys. He'd expressed interest in taking his tree business online, so last year I offered to make him a web site for his tree business in exchange for a couple of loads of firewood. He grinned and said he didn't really want the site that bad, so I "dummied up" one for him as a gag, and here it is!

Bangarang Community* - A bunch of really cool Pagans right down the road from me.  We circle together whenever we get the chance.

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