Bangarang Community Housewarming
October 10, 1998

This beautiful house in the country is the home of Bangarang Community.  Inside was a kitchen to kill for and a bunch of friendly folks dedicating themselves to doing their part to save the planet.

I discovered these wonderful people at the local Sorghum Festival held earlier this year.  They had a rainfly pitched and were selling some of the nicest scented aromatherapy candles I'd ever seen.  I could just feel the good vibes when I approached, and wound up chatting with them on and off all afternoon.  I spent a few dollars and took a flyer for their housewarming and fundraiser for
Save Our Cumberland Mountains (SOCM).  My friend Sharon and her daughter rode along with me and the girls, and after a few wrong turns we found this farmhouse in the middle of nowhere where we had a great time!

  Getting there was half the fun! The kids are convinced I'm a lousy navigator.
Can I help it if the road isn't even on a map?

We enjoyed a vegetarian potluck picnic in the field in from of the house.  The weather was great, as was the food and the company.  This is Sharon;  She's been my best friend, drinking buddy and occasionally my backup babysitter since we met in February.

Willow enjoyed the hammock on the balcony while we waited for the sun to set.
The view is great looking out over the fields!

Willow got this cool shot of me, Sharon, Rainbowchild and Andy enjoying the afternoon.

Rainbowchild playing at the drumcircle. It was a great evening!

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