You can chat with me if you want:  I have a channel on IRC Dalnet called #OakGrove.  It's a place for Witches, Pagans and other friends to get together and chat about whatever strikes our fancy.  Like any group, we laugh, cry, argue and even fight on occasion.  But we always remain friends.  That's one of the things that makes the channel one of the best on the network, in my humble opinion!  Although most of the chat in #Oakgrove on Dalnet is people shooting the breeze, occasionally a true gem makes its way to the surface, like this invocation.

If you would like to see our pictures, click here. But if you want to meet us online, you'll need to download an IRC Client like PIRCH or MIRC, or you can get there by clicking on the link to  Dalnet, selecting "Chat" and changing the default channel on the java console to #OakGrove.  There's usually a crowd there at night. See you there!

If you don't like real-time chat you can always e-mail me!

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Updated 12/22/98