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Updated 2/24/02
These places are treasures I found on the web or had pointed out to me by friends.  These are not all Pagan links, but they're all worth looking at. Check these places out, and be sure to let me know if there's other sites that I should add.

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Acorn Fellowship - Specifically for Western Wisconsin, Eastern Minnesota, or North Eastern Iowa area Pagans, but still an interesting site for the rest of us.

Aeclectic - is a site where you can browse over 100 tarot decks, check out Pagan links, read some dark poetry and fiction or see some really cool artwork, among other things.

Aezrael's Wiccan/Pagan Source Pages - Personal Homepage of my old IRC buddy, Aezrael HornDawg includes a nice Book of Shadows, links, and a Pagan Forum.

AriadneSpider Pagan Search - Search by keywords to find the Pagan and Wiccan websites you want, instead of taking shots in the dark! Faster than Avatar Search, and more sites being added all the time. Hint - ENTER HERE to rate "the grove" while you're there! (If you aren't sure what to rate this site, "10's" are nice; I like "10's"!)

Americans United for Separation of Church and State- Great news source for religious rights in America.

AppleOak Circle - Great site of an eclectic group of NW Tennessee solitaries.

Aquarian Tabernacle Church - was formed in 1979 by Pete "Pathfinder" Davis as a coven dedicated to providing religious services and support to the larger Wiccan community.

Ask Hagatha - What if "Dear Abby" was Pagan? This is the place to ask your question (and see what others are asking) and get the advice you need!

Astronomy Gal - Ashen Path Observatory, Offering Celestial Presentations and Information on the Night Sky.

Avalon's Apple Grove - Personal website of a lovely Long Island Libra.

aznewage - complete new age & pagan source. "..not just a link site. This is your original web source for spirituality and personal growth with a guide to free New Age sources throughout the Internet."

Betwixt & Between - is a non-profit community center in Dallas, TX for Spiritual Explorers, offering various activities such as open circles, group meetings, education, drumming, and many other scheduled events.

Blue Circle: For Pagans with Depression- Has depression links and information, spells, rituals and chants, a message board, and a Pagan depression mailing list where you can learn how others cope and share ideas.

The Burning Times - Laura Schmidt's solo exibition reproduced online in hopes that The Burning Times will never be forgotten, nor allowed to spark forth again.

Calculate Your Ecological Footprint: 13 Simple Questions Will Assess Your Use of Nature - The answer will scare you.

Catalyst Point - Refreshing site with original content by another opinionated Pagan; I like this guy.

Ceridwyn's Castle - Original writing by Ceridwyn explains how she blends her Christian faith with magick to be a Christian Witch. The essays are thought-provoking, and the beautiful graphics interspersed throughout the pages load quickly so you get to spend your time enjoying the content instead of waiting. Give this a look!

The Christian Witchery Page - Another interesting look at how to mix Christianity and the Craft. Rawna Moon addresses many common questions about this eclectic blend of faith and works through well written original essays: Very impressive!

The Church of Seven Planes - was established in 1978 to provide those who ask the opportunity to become legally ordained without cost and without regard to religious belief.  Once ordained you may organize your own church, and, if you so desire, may obtain a legal charter for your Church from CSP.

The Church of the Spiral Tree - This site is chock full of info about Faerie Faith Wicca and Pagan gatherings in the Southeastern US and is operated by my old friend and S.C.A. buddy Linda Kerr, who founded The Hazel Nut magazine, no longer in print, but still available here on the web!

Circle of The Ages: Eclectic Journeys- Home site for the Tennessee Pagan Parents WebRing.

Clannada na Gadelica- Gaelic Traditionalist Resource Page

Cleanup.org - Excellent resource for recycling, pollution prevention and environmental information!

Coven of the Mystic Spiral- A Middle Tennessee teaching coven's site containing their Book of Shadows, FAQ's, information about the Noletirian Tradition and much more!

Dancin in the Shadows - The home page of our e-mail friend ShadowDancer is a warm, personal spiritual journey that's growing by leaps and bounds. This site provides a peek into the thoughts and musings of a truly amazing lady!

The Earth Calendar - a daybook of holidays and celebrations around the world.

Election.com - Get registered and make a difference with your vote at the ballot box!

F.A.I.T.H. & W.A.R.S. - Anne Marie Habibi intrigued me with her viewpoints on spirituality, but really impressed me with her involvement in community projects; Take a look at how one woman stopped "talking the talk" and started "walking the walk!"

The Falcon's Nest - With so much more information on the Craft than you'd expect to find in such a compact website, The Falcon's Nest is a real treasure!  This is the homepage for Australia's Circle of the Mystic Moon.

The Gardens of Avalon III Pagan Activist Site - "a communications medium offered to link information services together with technology to provide a comprehensive contact and reference point for the pagan and alternative communities"

The Glass Temple - Nicely laid-out beginner Wicca site features free Pagan music, email, graphics, a Wicca chat room, the Wiccan Rede and witchcraft history.

Green Book of Neo-Pagan Songs - Whether you're looking for the lyrics to that great circle song you heard at a festival last year, or just want to see Paganism's influence on music, this is a must-bookmark site.

Heathen's Hideaway - I know Heathen as "Heathen57 on a forum, and he's really got a lot on the ball. This site just keeps on getting better.

Holysmoke.org - "a skeptical site that looks at the facts about frauds, fakes, fools, and flim-flam". (What more need be said?)

House Shadow Drake - a welsh-Irish traditional household for seekers to the religion of Witchcraft.

In the Company of Wolves- Lots of information already, and building a database of state information for Pagan resources both online and off. Intriguing site!

Jaz's Pagan Page - "A Resource for Practicing Pagans and Wiccans" This is one of my favorites, as you can tell if you dig around in my website. It seems every time I need a reference I find useful stuff here!

The Lady's Lair - A relatively new site, but what a collection of information: There's a little bit of eveything here, from astrology to herbs, arts and crafts to spells and magick to web tools (Or is that being redundant?) Great job, Steph!

LifeRites - "More and more people wish to celebrate the important times in their life and ultimately their death in their own individual way. Our aim is to enable them to do this."  A fantastic resource for anyone searching for meaningful Rites of Passage!

Lilith's Grove - Offers some very good Women's Spirituality links as well as tons of images that you can download for use on your own homepage!

Live365.com - Great site lets you listen to your favorite artists while you surf. Thousands of stations and a full variety of genres includes Pagan webcasts too!

The Lodge of Herne: A Place for Pagan Men - helps fill the gap for men in a predominantly female-oriented religion.

Loke E. Coyote's Wiccabilly Circus! - The original Pagan Boogie Band defies description, so just shut up and go look at their page, okay?

Lucky Mojo - Hoodoo site with tons of esoteric information.

The Mead Maker's Page - Okay, this IS a family site, but the kids have to go to bed SOMETIME, right? For those who enjoy an occasional glass of the Elixer of the Gods, there's great recipes and brewing tips here!

Medea's Chariot - Incredible resource for information on various Pagan paths, lifestyles and magick by one of the featured speakers at the first Pagan Internet Speakers Conference.

Michelle's Magickal Realm - Nice personal homepage with lots of information.

Mid-Atlantic Geomancy - Wander these labyrinth pages and let your imagination soar: Labyrinth history, how-to's and more!

Mjolnir's Pagan and Wicca Page - A nice site with lots of info and links, and you can even add your own. Good graphics, but not so overloaded that it takes all night to load; this is definitely worth a visit!

Museum of Talking Boards - Loads o' info on channeling (Ouija) boards, their history and uses, and includes an impressive collection of photos of boards sold commercially for more than a century. A must-see site for anyone interested in this arcane art.

MyStarsLive.com - Creat interactive star charts for selected cities. Kinda cool, but takes forever to load.

Old Ways: A Journal of the Craft In the Modern Age - is an excellent online Pagan magazine published 5 times annually, with reader submissions as well as regular correspondents. This is a must-bookmark site!

OMPHALOS: The Center of the Pagan Web! - Atho's Pagan Files are back online! Still in the rebuilding stage after a catastrophic crash, the third incarnation of Omphalos still beats 99% of what's out there!

OnePagan.com - Despite the unfinished appearance and total lack of cohesion, I somehow still like this site. Maybe I'm just a sucker for original writing and good recipes?

Open Hearth Foundation - A Pagan community center initiative, The Open Hearth Foundation, Inc. (OHF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing gathering space and resources for Pagans of all paths. To begin, the OHF will seek to create a flagship Pagan community center in the Washington, DC region.

Pagan Astronomy Network - Chock-full of information and lore about the stars, moon and planets, PAN has my vote as one of the best new Pagan sites I've seen in a long time. No BS.. er, BoS here, just well-designed, focused pages that definitely make this site more than just "Paganism 101."

Pagan Best of the Web - PBoW lists the finest Pagan websites and accepts nominations for its listings and award.  This is a resource that anyone on a Pagan path should have bookmarked. (Now if only someone would nominate my site! *hint, hint*)

PaganCrafts - I just can't say enough about this wonderful site full of arts and crafts ideas! I originally had this link only in my parenting section because of the great parent-child projects, but there's stuff here that anyone can enjoy. Check it out, and tell 'em Oak sent ya!

Pagan Family Pages - Take a stroll through this little Witch house and open a few doors... You'll find recipes, crafts, a few spells, and much, much more. This is a site I'll be visiting often to see what else has been added!

Pagan Gifs, Graphics and JPG's - Some of the best Pagan graphics available for free, anywhere on the web!

Pagan Homeschool Page - Advice for Pagan parents and fun stuff for the kids!  Anyone can enjoy the activities here.

Pagan Villages - 100% Pagan owned and operated, offering free 10MB homepages to the Pagan community.

Pandora's PaganWeb - This great resource page has information for online study groups, Craft 101, links, reading lists and other items of interest to the Pagan community.

Panpipe's Page - Download the Pagan Chant of the Month!

PrincessGeek.com - Okay, maybe this lady does know more about 'puters than most people want to know, but she's too cool to be a real geek... Visit my friend Lori's web site!

Pumpkins Freebies - Like my friend Lonnie says, "If it's fer free, it's fer me!" Theres tons of samples, rebates, discounts and other stuff here you can get free for the asking.

The Religious Movements Homepage - "In addition to creating a foundation for understanding religion, this site also seeks to promote tolerance and appreciation of all religions without preference for any particular faith tradition."

RED RAVEN'S NEST - is just getting underway, but promises to be an interesting site after it's fully feathered.

Rhiannon's Witch Garden - Lovely and informative personal homepage of a Portland, Oregon Witch.

Rickman's Castle - Chronicals of Gothic Builder & Panther Rose's realization of their Tennessee castle dream.

The Salem Tarot Page - "endeavors to bring the sacred art of the Tarot to the World Wide Web from the Salem Witches' point of view."  This is a cool site!

Salem Witchcraft Hysteria- Step back into Salem, Massachusetts in the year 1692. The world's gone mad, and people are being accused of terrible, evil things. Suddenly, they're accusing you! An original National Geographic Interactive Feature.

Scorecard- Find out about the environmental impact of land, air and water pollution in your community. Specific information available by county when you enter your ZIP Code.

SerpentStone Family - Home page of some of the nicest people I've ever met and hosts to great low cost Pagan festivals in the Southeastern US.

Snazzdragon Publications - Pagan Publishing, Information and Magical Treasures

so pathetic, it's undeserving of a title - may be inaccurate, as this site is worth the trip just for the imaginative way |GreenMan| utilizes images to convey his "goth" side while still allowing his wry sense of humor to surface.

S.P.I.R.A.L.- (Serving Pagans in Religion and Life) seeks to serve Pagans of all paths in the middle Tennessee area and across the United States. S.P.I.R.A.L. is dedicated to pagan community awareness, community service and community outreach. [Besides this, they're cool people!]

Stir the Cauldron - Original writing and a Witch's wisdom make this well-written, fast loading site stand out from the average Pagan page: Definitely worth a visit!

Suite101.com: Paganism - Explores and reviews Pagan websites, articles and ideas. Ever-changing content makes this a place to bookmark and visit again and again!  [I especially enjoyed this article! - Oak]

Thrudheim Kindred - Ásatrú Fellowship for East Tennessee

A View of the Moon - Ever wondered what the moon looked like the day you were born? Find out on this neat page from Sarum.com.

Under a Full Moon - Original articles and related links make this site a really interesting browse!

Welcome to Avatarum's Domain - Various features include the author's poetry, views on Paganism and his plans to make a documentary on Pagan families in America. All original content!

Welcome to Gothic Builder and PantherRose's Castle Dreams - We've all dreamed of owning our own castle at one time or another: Follow this couple as they make their dream come true!

Wiccan/Pagan Resources - This site has one of the hugest collections of links I've ever seen! There are no descriptions, so you have to surf a bit, but the site is easy on the eyes and low on graphics, so it loads fast, and that's always a plus in my book!

The Wiccan Rede Project - History, facts and  information concerning this famous statement of the basic principles of Wiccan beliefs.

The WiccanWeb.Net - "A Networking and Magickal Resource Page for Witches" is a cool Southern California-based site I stumbled on and immediately bookmarked! (And you should, too!)

WITCHCRAFT:  THE FACTS - Good basic information on Witchcraft and some unique audio & video files by Witchs' rights advocate Norm Vogel.

Witch-Crafted - Excellent site for information on various aspects of the Craft. [This one stands out as an example of just how good a Pagan website can be when you work at it!- Oak]

WitchCrawler: Where Witches Search The Web - A new Pagan search engine courtesy of my friends Emerald Moon and Midnight of Tennessee Pagan Parentswebring!  Hint - ENTER HERE to rate "the grove" while you're there! (If you aren't sure what to rate this site, "10's" are nice; I like "10's"!)

The Witches' Craft - Magick, history and ethics: Neat "Wicca 101" site except for the little sparkly thingies that chase your mouse pointer around.

The Witches' Voice - Witchvox is one of my favorite resources for information on Wiccan and Pagan information, news, and events.  Wren and Fritz have done a marvelous job here, and the pages change regularly, so bookmark and visit often!

WyrdWeavers Collective - dedicated to celebrating the cycles of life, ecstatic practice, the elemental and shamanic nature magick of ancient Europe, and Pagan Ethics. [One of Amber's favorites!]

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