Amberflame's Hearth
Essays on a Pagan Household

Hi ... my name is Amberflame, and I am wife and partner to Oakdancer, and "new mom" to Silverwing and Willow. I've been strong-armed (oops, make that 'gently persuaded' *grin*) into writing for Oak's website.
So, who am I? I'm a Southerner who has found her way back home, sorta ... moving from the Delta flatlands of Mississippi to the mountains of Tennessee has been a real eye-opener, but I do feel like I am finally home.
I've been a student of the Craft for more than 20 years, starting just before I was a teenager. Since that time, I've been privileged to know many fine people in the Pagan community.
Having just become a "new mom" to 2 wonderful daughters, I don't pretend or claim to be an expert on child-rearing. Actually, I'm hoping that these writings might help me to clarify my own thoughts on being a Pagan mother, wife and citizen.
Mostly, this might just end up as a place for me to vent ... to share some laughter with you, or some tears, or maybe some experience I've been picking up along the way.
If you have any questions, or comments, please feel free to email me.

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