Easter is more than it appears

This is the season of Ostara, which coincides very closely with the Christian Easter. Ostara occurs on the day of the Vernal (Spring) Equinox, when light and dark are balanced just before the light returns for its dominant part of the cycle.

For me, at least, this is the season of new growth, a time when we begin a new harvest - whether that be a harvest of gardening (if you live in the Northern hemisphere), or a harvest of another kind in your own

Much like the traditional Easter, the egg also serves as a potent symbol in many Pagan celebrations. The egg symbolizes both new seed and new life, a beginning which holds its own sustenance based on our past.

To me, the return of the light also represents a time in which you step back into the world after the solace
and solitude of Winter, a time in which you are ready to take what you have learned or integrated, and to
make it manifest in your life. Just as Mother Earth has rested during this past season, so have our Spirits, and we are ready to take what we have assimilated into ourselves, and to offer it to others and to see how it will affect our day-to-day lives.

Ostara is a joyous celebration, when the tides of life respond to Mother Nature. It is, as well, a time to
revere Mother Earth, and is an excellent time for rituals or celebrations to honor and heal Her. (Hmmmm,
is it any coincidence, then, that Earth Day occurs in the Spring? *S*).

Many Pagans like to create gardening rituals at this time. Whether you have a full-fledged garden, or just
a tiny windowbox, you can honor Mother Nature with this patch of soil. Some like to build small shrines
in their gardens. For instance, we have a stone circle in our yard with a statue of Kwan Yin, which serves as a wonderful place for meditation and healing. If you only have a windowbox, or just a collection of potted plants, you can still make them into tiny "sacred spots" with the use of crystals and stones, feathers, etc.

Blown eggs can be made into charms, or talismans, for areas in your life that you are looking to enhance.
Especially in regards to expansive or "positive" energies, such as prosperity, fertility, healing, or the like. The eggs can be decorated with symbols of meaning to you, and even stuffed with herbs if you wish, to help anchor the energies.

Personally, I think this would be a terrific time to make a prayer bundle for expansive energies.

Many people associate Spring, Easter and Ostara with pastel colors. For myself, I tend to prefer using the
bright, primary colors - they have a fresher feel to me for the most part. And though green is considered a
predominant color or energy, I also find that yellow seems to play a large part in the energies. Perhaps
one could relate these to the chakras during this time, and do expansive energy work relating to the
heart and solar plexus?

For those who wish to call upon the Deity archetypes traditional to this time, I encourage this as a way to
explore new manifestations of Sacred Energy. Traditional Deities may include (but are not limited to) Brid or Bridget, Pan, Herne or Kernunnos, Eostre, Ceres, or any planting/gardening Deities that you wish. It is also an excellent time to call upon various Deities for fertility, prosperity, and new projects.

Though many Pagans tend to do their rituals at night for various reasons (work schedules, privacy,
convenience, etc.), since I do not work outside the home, I prefer using the morning energies during this
time of year. I love to simply go outside in the mornings, after everyone else has left, and just enjoy the touch of the fresh breezes, the paler early morning sunshine, and the first buddings of Spring.

I'm not sure if this is what you wanted. Though I draw on many traditional Celtic energies in my work, my own Path tends to be more "Universal" in my views and practices. But I hope this will give some ideas and insight.

Amberflame - 3/30/02

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