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The Craft Cauldron

In this shady nook you find snippets of yarn, bits and pieces of household objects, a pencil stub and bits of colored paper, sure indications that children have been at play. Take a look around and make some notes; you just might have fun, too!

Jack o'Lanterns: Links to some great punkin' carvin' sites!

Make your outdoor magickal space brighter with Elf Lights!

The Yule Log: Instructions for creating your own permanent Yule log to use year after year.

Paper Embroidery:  This project involves nothing more than a needle, thread and paper, and is so simple anyone can do it.

Kids bored and needing a rainy-day project? You "can do" it!

Stir up some gruesome "swamp gunk" in about 10 minutes and keep the kids entertained for hours!

Make your own pair of really cool "Pagan Pants" in about 20 minutes for less than $10!

Egg-ceptional Crafts - Save those shells for a rainy day!

"Nothin' says Lovin' like Somethin' from the Coven..."

One thing about Pagans - We like to eat!  And if you like to eat, you usually wind up enjoying cooking, too. Here's some great recipes we've found and wanted to share:




Kid's favorites

Amberflame's Party Menu - Halloween 2000

Passing the Torch

Parents of most faiths have stories and traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation and these classical tales make it easier to explain their beliefs to their children.  Unfortunately many Pagan parents have not had the benefit of this "passing of the torch" as few of us were raised in Pagan families ourselves, instead discovering this path later in life.  Where then do we find the stories to help us teach our children about our beliefs?

This section is dedicated to that end, in hopes that other Pagan parents find it helpful.  Please note that many of the pages linked here were created from items posted in mailing lists and public forums, and wherever known the authors have been credited.  If you are the author of something I have posted here, please let me know so I can properly credit the source.

 A Faery Tale: The Story of Etain - retold by Amanda Evans

The Rainmaker's Apprentice by The Open Hearth Foundation

The Candle Contest by The Open Hearth Foundation

The Year's Longest Night - A Yule story by Endora

Lady, Thank You - Author Unknown (A Prayer)

A Native American Lesson

The Wolves Within - A Story about Anger

A Solstice Tale - fiction by Andy

The Oak Tree - Author Unknown (Edited by Cerridwen)

Prayers & Blessings for Pagan Kids - Various Authors

The Child's Wonder - A Yule Poem about Santa

An Interview with the Goddess

Wiccaning Ritual: A Naming Ritual for Pagan Babies - by Zephyr Lioness

Parenting Links: Education, Crafts and
Projects for Families

Note: These links will open in a new window. When you're through browsing a site, just close the window to return to this page.

The Blessed Bee Pagan Scholarship - For students following Pagan/Neo-Pagan spiritual paths.

Bubbles! - The Art and Science of Bubbles by the folks who should know, the Soap and Detergent Association

The Child's Grove - Where you will find Pagan activities and lessons for your children.

Christina's Powerful Parenting Links -  courtesy of The Witches' Voice

Colleges That Admit Homeschoolers - Selective Colleges Known to Have Admitted Homeschoolers

The Compleat Mother - The Magazine of Pregnancy, Childbirth and Breastfeeding

Crafts - Pagan, Witchcraft, Faery, Goddess Crafts on the web

Crafts for Kids - A great page for kids from

Eldertree Pagan Homeschoolers - "different ideas that can be used in your own home-schooling."

Education Planet - Online resources for teachers. [Excellent site! - Oak]

An essay for school teachers about Paganism - info to help educators understand your child's faith.

The Family Path - Small but interesting collection of essays from a few years ago.

Home Education Magazine - "one of the oldest, most respected, and most informative magazines on the subject of homeschooling."

Hot Chocolate for the Teenage Mystical Soul - Read snippets from Arielle Ford's latest book, and contribute your own mystical experiences. - Contemporary author Holly Lisle's site where young authors can learn and discuss their writing skills.

Ideas for Pagan and Wiccan Parenting - Great page... way too stuff much to list here!

Jaz's Pagan Parenting Page - Resources for Pagan Parents and Kids

Katie's Adventures ...a little girl experiences different religious beliefs through friends from school.

Kids Freeware - Great educational and entertaining internet freebies - just for kids.

Kids Career Catalog: Childhood Involvement and Development -  Great resource for kids, parents and teachers includes sections such as Parent Involvement Guide and Tips, Career Awareness & Exploration, Networking for Teachers and Parents and much more. My thanks to Donna Knowlten and her students at one of the Valley Charter Schools for sharing this page!

KidsHealth - For Parents, Kids and Teens. The Nemours Foundation is a nonprofit organization devoted to children’s health and is the largest physician practice delivering subspecialty pediatric care in the United States.

Kids in Danger - a non profit organization for the protection of children from dangerous products.

KIDZONE! - Sabbat stories and pages to color.

THE MEAGAN STORIES - Kat's stories for pagan children.

Michele's Family Site: Homeschooling, Homebirth, Midwifery and Natural Remedies.

The Pagan and Wiccan Parenting Page - dedicated to helping Pagan and Wiccan Parents raise children who have open minds and think freely.

Pagan Colouring Book - Pagan themed teaching materials.for parents

Pagan Paper Dolls - Original designs by Brigid Smallwood

Pagan Parenting by Mamawitch - Fun and easy projects using Paperclay® Products

Sacred Grove Academy - an Alabama-based Pagan "cover school" (required for home schooling in many states.)

Satinka's Little Pagan Corner ...for children and their parents to enjoy.

Sprites: Kid's Pages at Triskele - Offers games, activities and advice from other pagan parents.

Starry Sky Unschooling - Homeschooling information site.

The Falcon's Nest Kid's Pages - "A Page designed by our 'Wytche Kids' for all 'Wytche Kids'."

Welcome Pagan Homeschoolers! - Barbara Hedgewitch's great Pagan Parenting site!

Wiccan Children & Youth Resources Bibliography and Bookstore - This great collection of Pagan-appropriate children's literature courtesy of Covenant of the Goddess.

Welcome Witchlings - Magical Teachings for all Children of the Goddess

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