Elf Lights

A simple project that kids love and anyone can do is making "Elf Lights," magickal fairy lamps for the lawn, grove or garden:  All you need are a few rocks and a candle!

Elf lights are so easy to make yet so beautiful when completed, I'd like to be able to take credit for the idea, but I read about this years ago in "The Family Wicca Book" by Ashleen O'Gaea, who credits Faerie Moon in the Apres-Eostara, 1990 CE issue of "The Celtic Camper", a quarterly newsletter. [Thanks to SilvrCircleDncr for pointing out the origin of this great project! - Oak]

To make an elf light, collect a pile of large, angular rocks.  Almost any shape will do as long as the stones are flat enough to stack.  Bricks or blocks can also be used, but natural stones will produce a prettier result.  Whatever you select must be large enough to stack "log cabin" style by overlapping the ends, leaving gaps for the light to shine through.  You'll also need a couple of flat stones for the base and the top.  Flagstone is excellent for these uses, and is also my first choice for the sides as well because it can be stacked so easily.

Once you have gathered the raw material, begin by placing one flat stone in the center upon which you will later set your candle, then begin building a loose stone circle around it.  When the first layer is complete, continue upwards, stacking the next layer so the stones overlap the ends of the previous layer.  Generally, you'll want to try to use the larger stones on the bottom and graduate to the smaller ones at the top to build in stability, but there's no real rules here as long as the finished project is stable enough to keep from falling down when you're changing the candle, or is accidentally brushed by a pants leg or skirt.

Finish your elf light by placing a candle inside, preferably in a votive holder or other container that will contain melted wax and offer some protection from breezes, then cap off your elf light with a flagstone and enjoy the soft, warm glow they cast through the gaps left in the sides.

These lights make beautiful garden or border decorations, and can be constructed in minutes to mark trails or circle quarters.  Because they are made from natural materials on-site, they can be constructed almost anywhere, then kicked apart and scattered again when you're done with them.  If you want them to be a permanent addition to your landscape, the stones can also be fastened together using masonry cement or Epoxy® putty found in almost any home decorating store or hardware department.

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