Halloween 2000 Party Menu

baked baboon brains (cookies)

Take 2 rolls of those sugar cookies you can find in the grocery store, usually in the same chilled section as cheese, etc.

Unwrap, and add a few drops of blue food coloring, until you have a nice pale blue. Then add a couple of drops of black food coloring, to get a really grisly-looking grey color. The easiest way to do this is to mash the dough around with your fingers, to work the food coloring in.

Once the dough is colored as you want it, push the dough through a colander or strainer. The basic idea is to get spaghetti-like type of pieces. I used one of those collapsible steamer thingies. Once the dough has been shredded, pat handfuls of the stringy mass into bundles that resemble  brains, and bake according to package directions.

ghost cookies

Melt down some a package of white chocolate chips. Take Nutter Butter cookies, and dip them in the chocolate. Lay on waxed paper to allow the chocolate to set up. While it is setting up, make faces for your ghosts out of mini dark chocolate chips.


This recipe begins with a plastic skull, cleaned very well, since you will literally be eating off of it.  We had to make do this year with a skull missing its jaw, but I'm going to begin searching for a full one for next year.

Make up a batch of red-colored jello, using only one-half of the water the recipe normally calls for.  You want the jello very thick. I used cranberry flavor, since we were using ham.  After making up the jello, pour it into a flat pan, such as a cookie sheet, to set up into a solid gel.  Once gelled, tear off strips of the jello, and apply them to the skull. I found that chilling the skull in  the fridge first helped a little, but it is not the easiest thing to work with.

After the skull is covered with red jello, begin covering the jello with strips of your favorite deli meat  slices - ham, chicken, etc. I used ham, for that nice burned-victim look.  Hard-boiled eggs make great eyeballs, as do those translucent pearl onions. You can even make irises out of olive slices, if you wish.

Once the head is covered with your meat of choice, keep in the fridge until ready to serve. We served ours on a platter, with the base of the skull ringed in slices of Swiss "head cheese." *G*

kitty litter cake

This recipe sounds more complicated than it is.  Easiest way to do it is, the night before you plan to assemble it, to go ahead with the following:

Bake 2 cakes up, to give them time to cool. I used 2 mixes, one white and one chocolate. You can also substitute spice for the chocolate, if you wish. Make up 2 large boxes of vanilla instant pudding, and give it time to chill.

The next day, take a large bag of vanilla sandwich cookies, and smash it up into fine crumbs. Remove about 1/4 cup of the crumbs, and set aside. Divide the rest of the crumbs into 2 batches. Take a brand-new, never-been-used litterbox, and line it with a cat pan liner. Make sure you use a liner that has no deoderizers or anything like that. Crumble your two cakes into fine crumbs in a very large bowl, and mix together. Mix in 1 of your batches of the cookie crumbs. Add to this just enough pudding to make the mixture moist, but not too wet.

Glop this mess into the lined litterbox. Now, take about 3 tootsie rolls, and you can either microwave them (I gave up on this after the first few exploded), or use the heat of your hands to mold them - twist them out, and taper down the ends. Starting to get the picture? LOL

Nestle the tootsie rolls into the crumb mixture, adding another 3 you molded the same way. Make sure that some crumbs cling to them.  Dribble the second batch of cookie crumbs over the top of all this, and again put down more tootsie rolls.

Now, take your 1/4th cup of cookie crumbs, and add enough green food coloring to them to make them a nice green, like chorophyll. Sprinkle them across the top. Another nice touch is to take a final tootsie roll, mold and taper it, and then bend it over the rim of the litterbox.

To serve, use a brand-new, never-been-used litterbox scooper.

monster cupcakes

This was basically for the kids, so I turned the girls loose on these. Needless to say, the didn't exactly come out with monster faces, but lots of gummy worms. I just baked up two batches of cupcakes, one devil's food and one buttercake, and tinted two frostings, vanilla with a bright yellow for the buttercake flavor, and cream cheese with a vivid green for the chocolate cupcakes.

You can, of course, get a lot more technical with these, but I was running out of time and this was a good way to get the girls involved.

monster pizza

Take small cheese pizzas, and ahead of time chop up pepperoni slices, black and green olives, and whatever other toppings you like. Use your imagination for this. I did each one a little differently. In some, pepperoni became fangs and black olives eyebrows, while on another one, shredded pepperoni served as stringy hair and black olive shards became a mouthful of straggly teeth.

wizard punch with severed hands and vampire eyeballs

At least 24 hours beforehand, preferably 48, take a rubber glove (wash if needed to remove powder), and fill it full of juice. I used pineapple-orange juice, and actually made 2 hands. You can add food coloring to the juice if you wish - I made ours sickly green.

At least 24 hours beforehand, make up 3 ice cube trays with the following. Fill trays about 1/3rd full of red grape juice, and allo to freeze until slushy, about 45 minutes or so.  When slushy, push a green grape into each cube, fill up the rest of the way with more red grape juice, and freeze until solid.

Just before serving the dinner, pour two 2-liter bottles of Sprite into a cauldron, bowl, etc. Take your hands from the freezer, and remove the gloves carefully (you will probably lose a few fingers, but don't worry - you can still dump them in, and it just adds to the grisly effect). Add the hands to the punch, and dump in the "eyeballs" as well.

Our punch turned this murky greenish color from the hands, and everybody was able to get a few body parts plopped into their glass.

spiderweb dip with spooky tortillas

For the dip, mix together 2 packages of cream cheese, softened, with 2 cups of salsa (I used mild  since it was mostly kids, and I wasn't sure of their tastes). Blend until smooth. Pour into the container you plan to serve in, and chill at least 1 hour, to allow it to set.

Using red gel food coloring, draw concentric circles around the top of the dip, starting at the outside.
Continue making circles, gradually getting smaller until you can make just a dot of coloring in the
center.  With a toothpick, "pull" the coloring from the center to the outer edges to form your spiderweb. I made 8 pulls altogether.

For the tortillas, take the flour tortillas you can buy in the store. Cut them with your favorite Halloween-shaped cookie cutters.  Brush a cookie sheet with softened butter, and brush the tortillas as well. Bake at about 300 degrees for 5 to 10 minute, until brown around the edges.

icy blue slime with vulture eyeballs

Remember that vanilla pudding you made up for the kitty litter cake? Well, most likely you should have  some left over - I know I had at least 2 cups left after making up the cake.  For this, all I did was add enough blue food coloring to make it a nice, vivid shade, and chill until set. I served this with "vulture eyeballs" (green grapes).

That's the menu. I would have had more, but I flat ran out of time and energy. I think this should  work for you, though.


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