Some Quick and Easy Favorites for Kids
Go Fishing

1/3 cup Goldfish crackers
10-12 pretzel sticks (fishing poles)
1-2 Tbs. peanut butter

Put the peanut butter and pretzels on a plate, goldfish in a bowl or glass (paper is OK).

The kids dip a fishing pole in the peanut butter and "catch" a fish with it.

Apple Smiles

Miniature Marshmallows
Peanut Butter

Cut apple into wedges. Take two wedges and spread peanut butter on one side. Stick mini mashmallows on the peanut butter on one of the apples.  Put the other apple wedge, on top (peanut butter sticking to the marshmallows! (apples are lips and marshmallows are teeth!)


Peanut Butter
White Paper

Children spread peanut butter on celery, cut out a small triangle from white paper and attach to a toothpick. Stick the toothpick in the celery and you have a sailboat.

Aquarium Snack

Clear Plastic Cups
Blue Jello
Gummy Fish

Get some clear plastic cups, put some oreo crumbs or "sandy" colored cookie crumbs on the bottom. Get some blue jello and pour over the crumbs, add some gummy fish and when set this makes a great snack!

Ants on a Log

Peanut Butter or Cheez Whiz

Fill crevis in celery with peanut butter or cheese whiz and add raisins on top.

Green Eggs and Ham

Green Food Coloring
After reading "Green Eggs and Ham", make scrambled eggs: add green food coloring to egg and ham mixture. (Can use lunch meat for ham.)

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Apples

Peanut Butter
Chocolate Chips
Rice Krispies

Cut apple in half. Have kids spread peanut butter on apple half. On foil or wax paper have different
piles for dripping apples in.
A pile of chocolate chips
A Pile of rice crispies
A pile of raisins

Let the kids smash the peanut butter side of apple in each pile! Sounds gross? Try them - You'll love them!

Earth Rocks

Graham crackers
2-3 Bananas
3/4 cup Peanut Butter
1T. Vegetable oil

Slice bananas into 1 inch pieces. Melt peanut butter with the oil until dipping consistency. Put graham crackers in a Ziploc baggie and push out air and seal the bag. Roll over top of bag with a rolling pin until crackers become fine crumbs. Use a fork to carefully dip one banana piece at a time into the peanut butter mixture. Immediately roll the peanut butter covered banana in graham cracker crumbs. Place on waxed paper and chill.

Bird's Nest Snack

1/4 cup Butter
1 cup Brown Sugar
3 oz. can of Chow mein Noodles
Jelly Beans

Melt 1/2 cup of butter in a saucepan. Add 1 cup of brown sugar. Boil and stir for one minute. Add a 3 oz. can of chow mein noodles. Put the mixture in 12 paper baking cups in a muffin tin. Use your thumb to press noodles into the nest while still warm. DO NOT BAKE. Give children jelly bean eggs to put in their nests.

Monkey Bread

Canned Biscuits
Cinnamon and Sugar
Melted Butter

Take raw bisquits and cut them into 4 pieces and roll into a small ball. I let the kids help with this part. Grease a bunt pan. Roll the balls in sugar cinnamon mixture and drop all on top of each other around the ring. Drizzle with some melted butter and bake on about 400 degrees (a little cooler than the bisquit can says) until you can tell the bisquit is done. Make confectioner's sugar frosting and flavor it with orange or lemon. Flip the monkey bread out and drizzle the frosting on while they are warm.

Octopus Sandwiches

Hot Dogs
Hamburger Buns

Cut a hot dog down the middle (length wise) to the center. THen cut each of the "legs" into 4 pieces. That makes 8 floppy legs coming out of the top half of the hot dog. When you boil them the legs curl up. Put it on a hamburger bun bottom and that's it!

Bug Crackers

Ritz or Similar Crackers
Cream Cheese
Pretzel Sticks

Spread cream cheese on a cracker, top with add pretzels to stick out the side like legs. Top with another cracker and use a dab of the cream cheese to attach raisin eyes.


1 slice of bread
tuna salad
1 Raisin

Spread one slice of bread with tuna salad. Use dinosaur cookie cutter to cut a dinosaur from the center of the bread. Press on a raisin to make the eye.

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