Swamp Gunk

If you'd like a "rainy day" project that the kids will love, look no further than the laundry supplies and your stash of arts and crafts materials for borax and white glue for the basic materials for "swamp gunk", a delightfully gruesome alternative to modeling clay.

This project takes about 10 minutes from start to finish, but will keep the kids entertained for hours!

To make a batch of swamp gunk, you'll need:

1 cup of white glue (Elmer's, etc.)
4 Tablespoons of borax (20 Mule Team, etc.)
Optional:  Food coloring (Green preferred here; it looks yuckier)
2 mixing bowls

In bowl "A", mix together 1 cup tap water with white glue.  Add food coloring, if desired.

In bowl "B", mix the borax into 1 1/3 cups WARM tap water until dissolved.

Pour the contents of bowl "A" into bowl "B".  The glue mixture will become "ropey" as soon as it hits the borax solution.  Knead it for a minute or so, then remove.  Your swamp gunk is ready to stretch, fold, knead, drape over your face so you look scary, or whatever!

Store in a sealed container when not in use, as it will dry out when exposed to air.
If it becomes too dry, add a few drops of water to the container while in storage.

Have fun!

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