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Updated 7/8/05

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Note: Not all of these businesses are Pagan-owned or Pagan-operated, but all are Pagan-friendly or have items of interest to the Pagan community.  Also, these links open in a new window to make it easier to return here when you're through browsing.

Abaxion  - Witchcraft, Wicca and New-Age Supplies Superstore has more stuff than you can shake a ceremonial rattle at!  A well-designed and easy to navigate catalog with text descriptions that take you to pictures of the wares so you get to spend more time looking at what you want to see.

Alpha Book Center (No link available) - Books, crystals, cloaks, robes, oils, music, incense, candles & much more!  1928 E. McDowell, Phoenix, AZ 85006  (602) 237-3213

Amulets by Merlin - I met Merlin at a recent festival and can personally attest to the beauty of his wares.   Merlin has done several exclusive designs for conventions and fundraisers, including pieces for Robin Wood, Isaac Bonewitz, and The Church of Iron Oak.

Aquagik - Home of Spiritual & Magikal Waters for use in spells, rituals & blessings.

Azure Green (formerly known as Abyss Distribution) - Now my favorite mail-order company has an online catalog, too! I've ordered from them several times over the years and will again.  Frankly, I don't know if any other company I've dealt with has ever beat their prices, service or delivery!

Bayou St. John Products - a mail-order & e-mail supplier of high quality occult and botanical goods serving practitioners of Christianity, Magick, Paganism, Santeria, Voodoo, Wicca, and other spiritual paths. (Psst: For a 5% discount, enter "tjmokd" in the "ref. code" box when ordering!)

Beadwork - Pandora Owl Wynd's hobby is creating beautiful beadwork which you can see on her personal web page.  This stuff is incredible!

Black Cat Auction - No, you can't buy a black cat here, but you can bid on just about anything else. Merchandise changes on a regular basis, so bookmark this one and keep checking back if you don't find "that perfect item" the first time you visit!

The Blessed Bee - An online Pagan, Wiccan, New Age, Alternative Spirituality, Witchcraft,
"add-your-own-label-here"  site, carrying a wide variety of jewelry, crystals, knives, swords, ritual items, altar equipment, clothing, leather goods, and more...including a HUGE selection of pentacles and pentagrams.

Caldron Crafts - I love this site because of the beautiful examples of the lapidary arts on fast-loading pages.  If you're an amber lover, you need to take a look here for some real treasures!

Camden-Grey Essential Oils - For many purposes there's just no substitute for true essential oils, making this site a "must-bookmark."  Amber and I personally recommend this merchant; Their prices are fantastic, the quality excellent, and our order arrived within about a week.  We'll definitely be return customers!

Capricorn's Lair - With way too much to describe here, this is a must-see site!

Celtic Attic - This full-line online Pagan shop has a little bit of everything!

Celtic Cross Stitch - Celtic cross stitch kits and charts to order, plus a Celtic alphabet chart generator that you can use online to create your own custom lettering for free.  (I enjoyed playing with it, and I don't even do cross stitch!)

The Celtic Mysteries - The artwork available here more than makes up for the cumbersome
frames:  A definite must-see for the Celtic art fan!

Cerridwen Ceramics - Words just can't describe it; You'll just have to go visit the site. (This is where all my altar stuff is coming from after I win the lottery.)

Coffin Full Of Crows - A neat little Pagan and Gothic one-stop shop.

THE COSMIC OUTPOST - sells books, herbs, candles, incense, ritual supplies, art, and much more. 122 N. BROADWAY, MOORE,OKLAHOMA 73160 (405)793-4272. If you are ever in the Oklahoma City area, stop by and see this truly Cosmic store.

Daley & Defrates - are jewelers who design and handcraft in sterling silver and 14 karat gold over 200 Spiritual, Magickal, Pagan, New Age, Astrological, Oriental, Egyptian, Recovery, and Pride symbols.  Really nice stuff here!

Designs by Stitch Witch - Unique and beautiful cross-stitch designs.

Dragon Witch - "The babe grew still, and Miriam reached for the caul. As she carefully peeled the membrane from the tiny girl's face, the child took a deep breath and wailed, then howled in a fresh blaze of temper. The cries reeled into the golden dragon's senses; instantly, magically, they healed his body and burrowed deep into his soul. At that moment, child and dragon became one, bonded irrevocably, eternally. Abruptly his descent halted. His great, golden body began to regenerate, to fill with new-found strength, and he soared upward once again. He knew now that he could finish this age-old battle. He knew he could finally defeat his enemy, he and this wondrous girl-child." A novel by Dolly Lien

Dunraven House - Homepage of Lady Morwyn, author of Secrets of a Witch's Coven, Web of Light: Rites for Witches in the New Age, Witch's Brew: Secrets of Scents, and other titles, who will personally autograph your selection, making it a unique addition to your library or an especially treasured gift!

Earth Spirit Emporium - "Where Olde Traditions meet the New Age" features a huge selection of everything for your altar, as well as cloaks and clothing for the well-dressed Witch!  Cool T's, candles, books and jewelry are only a sampling of what's there, and there's more being added all the time.

Earth Tones Studios - Music, Books, CD-Roms, Videos, Bath Salts, Bookmarks, Bumper Stickers, Buttons, Candles, Clothing, Crystals and much, much more, including one of the best collections of   ethnic instruments I've seen anywhere!

Elvendrums - "Evocative and mystical, Elvendrums songs unlock the magic of the faerie realm. This music fits no genre, but creates one of its' own, blending soaring Celtic harmonies with the exhilarating rhythms of Africa and the Middle East. With thoughtful lyrics and original melodies, Elvendrums takes you to a place where elves, fairies and dragons are real."

Enchanted Art - Original fantasy artwork and limited-edition prints by Jessica Galbreth.

Eschaton Books - Takes a while to load, but there's some unusual titles there.. take the time to take a look.

The Goddess Shoppe Online - Well laid out and easy to navigate, with a great selection of goodies including buttons, ceramics, books and reasonably-priced cauldrons! A definite must-see site!

Grandmother Spider's SpiritWeb - Pagan books and music, and while you're here you can send someone you love a Goddess postcard! (hint, hint!)

Gryphon's Moon - An online store that's fast-loading, well designed and a pleasure to browse!

Hawkdancing - Porcelain clay vessels, pottery, goddess sculpture, pottery drums, and jewelry with goddess, animal, and shamanic themes.  If you're tired of the same old "same-old" then check out these one of a kind creations!

HerbalCom - Bulk alternative/herbal supplier for medical and craft uses.

Herbal-Gardens - Besides the hundreds of items for your mind, body and spirit, this site has the greatest selection of cauldrons we've seen!

Horned Owl Publishing - Nice online bookstore with mail-order shopping.  While you're there, be sure to take a couple of minutes to complete the online survey on Pagan children's books. makes donations to worthy causes specified by their members, one of whom set up their account to donate to Witches Against Religious Discrimination (WARD).

Indotalisman - Amazing magickal products from the East, includes talismans, empowerment rituals, genies,  magickal pearls, knowledge papers, etc.

JBL Statue Page - God and Goddess images, books, jewelry, and they've even added a few T's and sweatshirts!  Pages load pretty fast, too!

Kenaz Services - Get a free natal chart and check out other astrological charts and related services offered.  You can find a good selection of books there too.

Living Essence Naturals - Herbs and oils and aromatherapy goodies and soaps tinctures and resins and candles and bath stuff and, and .. more goodies than you can shake a broom at!

Lodge Products - Okay, so they're not Pagan.  But, you just might find something of interest at this Tennessee company's site.  You see, they make cast-iron cookware.  As in pots.  Get the picture?  (And, even if you're not in the market for a new cauldron, you still might find useful outdoor cooking items for that next festival!)

Llewellyn Publishing - These guys published half my library!  Definitely worth visiting!

Magickal Realm Incense - Having sampled their wares, I can definitely recommend this incense! Unlike so many commercially available products, this hand made incense is wonderfully fragrant without the overpowering artificial odors often found in the mass-produced stuff;  I'll be buying more!
Magickal Realm offers a great variety available in sticks or cones, and their already low price includes free shipping and handling.

Metaphysical Stores Around the World - State-by-state and country-by-country listings of our favorite places to shop... metaphysical stores!

Morgain's Magic Design Studio - sells original ritual robes, cloaks and capes.

Moonlight Mysteries - online shop selling pagan, wiccan, and celtic jewelry and supplies.

MoonLitMagick - It took me a minute to pick my way into the sales area of this Pennsylvania merchant's site, but it was worth the trip. There's a little of everything here, from altar supplies to bumper stickers for your "other broom"!

MoonScents & Magickal Blends - WooHoo!  One of favorite mail-order companies finally made an online version of their catalog!

The Mystic Goddess - The oldest Pagan store in Northeast Ohio! 453 E. Exchange St. Akron, Ohio, 44310 1-330-762-5550

Mystickal Witch - WICCAN/PAGAN Clothing for the Entire Family. Also available: Clothes designed especially for Ghost Hunters & Pagan Bikers. - Online natural grocery/health food store delivers items right to your door. Great for anyone who doesn't have access to a local source for these sometimes hard-to-find items!

Northern Sun Merchandising - Without a doubt one of the best sources around for T-shirts, buttons and bumperstickers that tell the world how you feel.  I personally recommmend this merchant because I've purchased from them before and have been very pleased with their service and products. - "NOVICA gives you access to a world of marvelous products from cultures across the globe. Discover amazing regions and buy products direct from local artisans."

Olde Enchantments - metaphysical products and fantasy gifts. While browsing their fast-loading and well-illustrated online catalog I was amazed to see several items that Amber and I already own, so I know that these folks are selling quality merchandise!

Pandora Pads - "Healthy Alternatives for the Natural Woman..."  100% natural, organic feminine hygiene, nursing and baby products.

Pan's Pantry - In the U.K. and don't have U.S. currency for online shopping? No problem, Pan's Pantry is a U.K. site where you can find oils, herbs and much more.

Quantum Alchemy - Fast loading and well-organized online catalog for those who know what they want and don't have all day for pics to load.

Ritual Hut - This site is cool... they got drums!  (Pant, pant!)

Rowan Moon Creations - Small catalog, but good prices!

The Ruby Rabbit - This Houston, Texas shop doesn't offer online ordering, but does have a lot to offer if you're in the area. In addition to a full line of Pagan products, they also host workshops and classes on a regular basis.

Sacred Ground - Metaphysical Books and Botanica

Serpentine Music - This is my first stop for female artists and Pagan music!  I've shopped their mail-order catalog, before and will again;  The selection and service is fantastic! - Cool Stuff from Thailand: Thai arts and crafts, Siam Asia Handicraft, handmade Home Decor, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Silk, Cotton Chothes, Accessories.

The Shadow Shop - Huge selection of incense, jewelry, Wiccan and Pagan supplies, cauldrons, crystals, wands, runes, aromatherapy, herbs, tarot decks, essential oils, candles, books, tapes, videos, and much more.

Stonekeepers - "Purveyors of Exquisite Gemstones, Unique Minerals, Hand-crafted Stones and Jewelry, Beautiful Crystals, Fine Herbs, Occult & Metaphysical Books & Classes."

Wacky Jac Witch Salon - Offers an exclusive line of products for kitchen, bath and, well, bedroom. This, you've got to see!

WaterHawkCreations - "Unique Earth Essence Designs - Goddess, Mystical & Spiritual Art."  About all I can say about this site is, "Wow!"

White Dragon - Advertising WHITE DRAGON, a quarterly Pagan magazine, this site also contains several other interesting tidbits as well as book reviews that can help you choose how to best invest in your ever-growing library.

Whispered Prayers - Specializes in Earth Spirituality products including Metaphysics, Wicca, Paganism, Shamanism, Aromatherapy, Herbal Healing, and more. Slow loading main page is more than made up for by their selection.

Wiccan Children & Youth Resources Bibliography and Bookstore - COG has put together perhaps the best bibliography of Pagan children's books available anywhere, and you can also purchase right here through their affiliation with Amazon, a name you can trust!

Wiccan Ware - I just about fell out of my chair when I saw the "High Priest" and "High Priestess" T's; This stuff is great! The site loads a bit slowly, but it's definitely worth the wait. T-Shirts, Bumperstickers, Prints, Patches, Baby clothes, and more!

Wicca Works! - Cool merchandise and lots of freebies!  If you like to download clip art, fonts, etc. this is a must-see!

Wildflowers Unique Books & Gifts  - Located in Charleston, West Virginia, this one-stop Pagan shop has absolutely everything you need at some of the best prices Amber and I have seen anywhere; This has just become one of our favorite shops to browse online!

WillowBlends Aromatherapy and Ritual Supplies - "is an online shop offering quality hand-crafted Aromatherapy products for the Mind, Body and Spirit. Specializing in unique, hand-crafted and custom made ritual, spiritual and magickal supplies made to your specifications." [Not to mention a great selection and low prices! - Oak]

Wingshuck corn shuck dolls - I discovered Anne Freels' beautiful creations in an article in Tennessee Magazine, and finally found a site displaying them. These handcrafted dolls are some of the finest I've ever seen and include Kitchen Witches as well as other magickal characters.

Witch Child - "She was locked in the keep for more than a week. First they 'walked' her, marching her up and down, back and forth between them, for a day and a night, until she could no longer hobble, her feet all bloody and swollen. She would not confess. So they set about to prove she was a witch..." - A novel by Celia Rees.

Witch On The Go - This compact online shop for the busy Witch includes spell kits, candles, incense and greeting cards, books and music, as well as great ritual tips and a very nicely done "Wicca 101" section.

Women's Hands - "searches the world to bring extraordinary women and their creative work right to you."

If you're in Tennessee, please stop by and visit these fine merchants:
Spice Island Specialty Shop
Middle Eastern Clothing, Amber Jewelry, Rare Herbs, Bath Salts, Incense and More!
NEW Location:
5100 N Broadway
Knoxville, TN
(865) 689-9799
Sacred Space
Incense, oils, loose herbs, candles, body lotions, soaps/bath salts, massage oils, jewelry, ritual tools, books, clothing, custom robes and cloaks. Also: classes, workshops, all Rites of Passage and Spiritual guidance.

Brainerd Rd, Chattanooga, TN.
(423) 629-9100

The Herb Shoppe
Complete selection of Herbs, Teas, Natural Health and Beauty Aids and Homeopathic Remedies. 
Unique Gift Items, Handmade Candles, Tanning Beds, Reflexology, Massage and Nutritional Therapy.
Oneida, TN
(423) 569-3134

Purveyors of Exquisite Gemstones, Unique Minerals, Hand-crafted Stones and Jewelry, Beautiful Crystals, Fine Herbs, Occult & Metaphysical Books & Classes

1403 B Greenland Drive
Murfreesboro, TN  37129
Phone: (615) 849-1792


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